GAC Bug - Opponent has max banners at the start of the round


At the start of the current round, my MAW opponent was given max banners before the round had even begun. A screenshot showing the board at the start of the round is included in this post. The lifetime score of my opponent is not changing when he clears a team or a zone and every time he does win a battle he receives an error message and the game boots him out. Screenshot also attached showing this from his perspective.

I was able to clear the board and my opponent dropped a few battles front wall. Screenshot also attached showing this. Based on the current score, I'm going to lose the current round even though I should win. My opponent filed a ticket on the technical forum from his perspective.

Looking for assistance from anyone on this issue.


  • Two more final screenshots. One showing the board as it stands and one showing the remaining team on my side where my opponent has failed. He's not clearing - as he told me. I may be the first person to ever lose a GAC when I won. Thanks again to everyone looking into this.
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