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Hi Holotable Heroes!

In addition to the below updates and known issues, the July Event Calendar has been posted to the Forums here.
Note the daily login character for July is Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Starfighter.

For Conquest, the Galactic Republic modifier has been removed from General Skywalker and replaced it with Staunch Reprisal, and the Sith Empire Team modifier has been removed and replaced with Cruel Conspiracies.
Also, the Ewoks modifier "Over Prepared III" has been increased to "Over Prepared IV" along with Tusken Raider bonus stats being increased overall.

  • Bad Batch Wrecker shards are now farmable from Light Side 7-C Hard. These replace the Ima-Gun Di shards, which can still be farmed from Cantina 7-E.

  • UNIT - Razor Crest’s contract is now correctly triggered when there are multiple instances of Breach.
  • UNIT - References to “Echo” in Fives’ kit have been clarified to refer to the non-Bad Batch version of Echo.
  • UNIT - Jedi Master Kenobi will now use his Ultimate in a mirror match whereas certain scenarios previously prevented that from happening.
  • UNIT - Jedi Master Kenobi’s allies now only have increased Tenacity while JMK has High Ground active, as intended.
  • UNIT - After being revived by Vandor Chewbacca's unique "Ferocious Protector" IG-11 now assists after a counter as intended per his unique "Child's Favor".
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue where Jawa Scavenger's Line in the Sand could apply Thermal Detonators to enemies when Jawa allies weren't damaged by an attack.
  • EVENT - The Staunch Reprisal modifier previously did not state that it cannot defeat enemies.
  • EVENT - The Boxed In modifier previously applied Damage Over Time to units who were supposed to be immune to DOTs.
  • EVENT - Protection Up from Entrenched Data Disk no longer applies twice to Sith Eternal Emperor post-transformation.
  • EVENT - Wait for It modifier now properly dispels debuffs.
  • EVENT - Entrenched Data Disks of the same rarity now stack correctly.
  • EVENT - Previously missing description for Jedi Master Kenobi Galactic Ascension Event “What Must Be Done” is no longer missing.
  • EVENT - The Cost of Opportunity boss modifier had an incorrect description in which it stated the modifier affected allies instead of enemies.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with Defensive Buffs Data Disks that previously expired sooner than intended.
  • EVENT - Fixed a visual issue with Jedi Master Kenobi’s event in which smoke from a transport carrier would glitch in Tier One.
  • EVENT - Fixed a visual issue with Wrecker’s “Wrecking Ball” animation.
  • EVENT - The Cost of Opportunity modifier will now correctly apply to General Skywalker.
  • EVENT - Fixed issue with Bloodlust, Ruthless Swiftness and Ruthless Offense to make sure they trigger more reliably.

    General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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    • A previous version of this post stated "new Easy Mode for Conquest," which was a mistake. Also, the post originally did not include the new modifiers that have been added to General Skywalker and Sith Empire (Staunch Reprisal and Cruel Conspiracies, respectively).
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