Challenges rewards

When we can expect rework of rewards for challenges or adding new tiers to STR, TAC, Ability Mats etc. We need gear that we can use as Mk 5 A/KT Stun Gun or chance to get Zeta.
Next I have feedback on rewards for Assault Battles why are rewards in T2 and T3 same, when T3 is harder to complete? You could improve this rewards as new relic materials as Zinbiddle Card or Impulse Detector and more Signal Data.
Thank you in advance for answer.


  • Kyno
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    About the challenges, we can ask for an update, but I dont believe there are any plans in the works to make changes there at this time.

    About ABs, t3 is difficult, the idea is that players are getting into T2, and if you can beat T3 you are doubling the top end rewards. I dont believe they are looking at increasing those.
  • TVF
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    Doesn't make sense that a harder tier doesn't earn better rewards.
    I need a new message here.
  • GlowyImp
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    And also completting T3 takes so much time and effort, and no matter how strong your team is , there is always a chance you will lose at last phase and you can start over.
    That loot doesnt even worth that suffering.
    I have a team that can take out the T3 it takes around 45 mins. If I lose at the last phase I have to take another 45 min to beat it, and it is ONE phase.
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