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    Someone else said something that did exhibit that behavior and I tacked on the example in your poll that I thought also showed signs of it. It’s not anything major, and you are right that you never said that, but that wording lead me to believe you were of that mindset.

    I do not believe that hardcore and mainstream fans are mutually exclusive. A lot of people do, and that’s fine.

    Anyway, I’ve derailed your poll, so I think I’ll try and push us back to the topic: I think that in-universe we won’t see any change to Slave 1, so as of now, I don’t see anything to be mad about. Merchandise is a very different world than lore.
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    Knowing how crazy liberals can get over things they perceive as a problem, whether it really is or not, they'll blow it out of proportion until it is a problem, and Slave 1 will get changed. I just wish people would leave well enough alone!

    Literally no one is saying it should be changed.

    The fact that Disney is wanting to change it for the LEGO release proves otherwise.

    Did you stop to think for a second that perhaps the reasoning isn't "political correctness" or whatever other punching bag people like to use, but just simple marketing? How many people outside of the fandom even know what the Slave I is by name? I can guarantee that more people know it just as Boba Fett's ship, and naming the Lego set like that just makes it easier for people to find. Not everything is some huge conspiracy

    Why would someone who wasn’t a Star Wars fan buy a Star Wars LEGO set?

    Why should we assume that all Star Wars fans are obsessed with the factual names, technology, and lore of the Star Wars universe? Same goes for the poll: I don’t really care, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not enough of a hard core fan.

    I don’t think anyone is really concerned with the name being “slave.” If Disney was concerned about their villains representing touchy subjects, they would never have allowed Captain America: The First Avenger to happen. I am also in the camp that sees this as a purely money making move: The name Boba Fett is more recognizable than Slave 1, so it only makes sense that Disney would try to attach his name to more merchandise. All of the articles I’ve read on the subject seem to think that in-universe it will remain Slave 1.

    To add to this, Lego has done this before, like Soulless One was named General Grievous' Starfigter, Havoc Marauder was named Bad Batch Attack Shuttle, Night Buzzard was named Knights of Ren Transport Ship, Red Five was named Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter, Moff Gideon's Light Cruiser was named Imperial Light Cruiser.

    This. Lego is following the same pattern they always have, this is only being noticed because of some "current mindset". This is less of an "issue" and more along the lines of "confirmation bias".

    Bingo! Manufacturing outrage by pushing b/s narratives is a hot trend nowadays... "Grab your torches, everyone! They're coming for us!"
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