Pitiful Shard Drop Rates

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Shard drops rates seem to be around 30% ish. This is pretty god **** poor, so much wasted energy! Does anyone else experience such rubbish?


  • Waz675
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    96.63% of us do
  • Oootini
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    It is what it is. Ain't nothing gonna change in this aspects. Tbh I don't mind the character grind. It's so amazing when you unlock or 7* or even promote a character and if the drops were increased we'll be looking at everyone owning every singl character. 30% for shards seems finez

    Don't get me started on gear though...
  • I have noticed that whenever Yoda challenge is on, the shard drop rate in Cantina is worse. But that is just my random observation.
  • If they were easy to get, then everyone would just have everything and it wouldn't be interesting.
  • Bobdog87 wrote: »
    I have noticed that whenever Yoda challenge is on, the shard drop rate in Cantina is worse. But that is just my random observation.

    Sure as **** seems that way. I am going to fall short at this rate. Been getting around 20% from Barriss nodes since 3/31
  • CronozNL
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    I'm experiencing a 66% droprate.
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  • what annoys me about the gear aspect is that at tier 6 you require so many of the purple items, sometimes 20 pieces. This seems astronomically high considering their rarity. Almost completely dependent on the AGI, STR, and INT events every few days as so many sim tickets and energy is wasted trying to farm gear. I swear progress once you hit 4* characters (that are not farmable by reward tokens (GW, Arena etc)) just hits a brick wall. That'll be my reason for quitting, can't see how the hell you are supposed to get a 7* character if you can't buy tokens. In addition, I WOULD spend money on this game if I KNEW what I was getting, not hoping on a **** lottery and getting a load of rubbish I didnt want/ need. At present, it just seems like a throw as much money at the game and pray you get something you want.

    Another gripe about this game is that some times in the Light and Dark side battles, you just come up against a load of toons that throw all their AoE at you in one go, wiping you out fairly quickly. Why don't the developers input some variety into the toons, would make for far more interesting fights and more tactical, rather than simply trying to nuke down as many AI aoe bots as fast as possible before they can release, dim play
  • Hambone
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    Hey, good work.

    Shards do in fact have a 30% drop rate. Yes, you do need 20 purple materials for some pieces of lower level gear (and, spoiler, you will need 50-100 for some of the higher level stuff). And some of the pve levels do actually try to fight back, usually not particularly effectively, but every now and then you might need to try something different.

    Welcome to the game.
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