C3PO help

I’m lvl 84 and I’m trying to stock up on characters for journeys and as far as Ewoks go this is what I have mfzwpmbnah7y.png
Can I at least get 3PO with these or do I need the others


  • Jkane
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    You probably CAN get 3PO with those 5, but I would bet a lot that it will require significantly more gear and entail a lot of frustration on the way. Logray is a big difference maker in that event, and Wicket does much better than Teebo as well. Furthermore, a 7 star Wicket enables you to get 2 zeta mats every time the Endor Escalation event occurs, which is helpful. You'd end up with a better team for GAC too; they can be surprisingly useful at your level. I can understand not wanting to put any more effort into Ewoks than necessary, but I think it would be worth it.
  • Buyabha
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    i would say you want wicket for sure.. personally i did it without teebo but had to invest two zetas and a loooot of time to overcome RNG to make it happen. Start farming wicket now
  • You can do it without Wicket, but Logray is very nice to have. If you do decide to go for it, be sure to focus on TM and buff removal rather than swarm attacks.
  • Stop putting anything into Teebo & Scout.

    Just start farming Wicket & Logray now.

    The double shards they have mean you'll get them quick enough & if your going to have to give them G10-12 range anyway you want them to be effective which they won't be with Teebo & Scout.

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