Surprised I have not seen as many droids in pvp. I am in top 20 consistently. Ig-88 hits hard, can aloe ability block, can inflict heal immunity. His damage boost for negative conditions has landed some impressive blows. Ig-86 assist attack with 5555s assist attack is an amazing opening volley of 4 hard hitting attacks. I know they are softer targets, but that's where taunts and advantage come into play. Anyone else have thoughts on using droids or strategy?


  • Love the droids, and I use them on the various tables, but I can't use a full team of them in the arena because their health is pretty low and they are slower than many of the commonly use glass cannons in the arena. IG86 and IG88 can die before getting a shot off. HK47 has a ton of HP but he's not particularly useful without the other droids alive. The other droids just aren't super great. Poggle and Lobot change things up a bit, of course.

    At the end of the day I think you don't see the droids because they are reasonably difficult to farm, and for the same amount of effort you can have a different team with a lot more base HP and a true healer. Would love to hear other thoughts though!
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  • I use ig88 and hk and they do great. I usually rank at the 1000s. But then again I'm only 47 and keep getting people with 1k more power than me in the matchmaking. Nevertheless ig88 has one some for me. Like 3 vs 1.
  • Lobot really speeds up the droids.
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  • I like using the droids. They're not too good in PVP but to be honest I use characters I like rather than the ones with the best stats. Ive love Phlutdroid since 1980 and I thought HK47 was the best character of any game I can bring to mind, so I love using them!
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    With poggle i can kill only 1 droid before they attack. When they do they do sooo much damage. Ai isn't bad with them so t hey work well in arena. Havent seen with phasm yet.
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