Grand Arena Challenge Early Start and Stand Your Ground Update

Hello Holotable Heroes,

Two issues to update you on: Grand Arena Challenge early start and the Stand Your Ground issue.

Grand Arena Challenge Early Start

The current Grand Arena Challenge started earlier than intended. We apologize for any inconvenience and have made some changes in the pre-launch process to ensure that unintended issues such as this are less likely to occur moving forward. After the current GAC, we anticipate to get back to the regularly scheduled starting time for the event.

Stand Your Ground Update

Also, the Stand Your Ground issue in the Republic Offensive Territory Battle is still unresolved. The fix was a larger undertaking than expected, and requires a client update to implement in-game. As such, we are not able to address the issue prior to the conclusion of the next Territory Battle.

In order to ensure we have enough time to implement the fix before the Territory Battles scheduled for August, we are shuffling the cadence of events a bit to accomplish two things: to allow us the time we need to properly fix the SYG issue, and; to ensure players still receive the same amount of rewards and payouts from events over this time period as they would have without any schedule changes occurring.

Thus, in August the order of Territory War and Territory Battle events will be swapped to delay the start of the next Territory Battle until mid-August. In its place we will start the Territory War that would have begun after the TB. In doing so, we are able to run all the events in the same time period as originally scheduled, just in a different sequence.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.
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