Bad Batch the only team worth playing with?

So I am new, less than a month - maybe a month in, and I have been playing daily, farming lots for Geos /Padme / Kylo squad / Anakin and Bounty squads are finally getting max stars, max levels, etc and I am slaughtered by much Lower Bad Batch teams (fewer stars, thousands of points lower in power) in every battle. Did I do the wrong thing? I feel like I have wasted the first month, and honestly hundreds of dollars, modding and farming characters that are basically useless in battle. Should I start over and focus only on the Bad Batch characters?


  • Jarvind
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    If you're that new and already maxing out teams, you spent a LOT of money. That can actually work against you by catapulting you forward and up against teams you aren't ready to face yet. It also gives you very little time to work on mods, so your mods are probably absolutely awful, which makes things very difficult.

    You can still recover, though. Just stop buying shiny things and read some guides.

  • Bad Batch is probably a top 10 squad and certainly one of, maybe the best squad that can be farmed (once Echo joins nodes). That being said this is not a one squad to rule them all kind of game. There are squads they can't beat. There are squads that can beat them.

    Having other squads developed will benefit you in raids, TB, TW, events etc. So not a waste. If your focus is purely on squad arena - you should be going for a GL.
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    Bad Batch is the first non-event low-star-viable team we've seen in... probably years that's this competitively viable.
    Excluding the 5 GLs and all their variations, Once Zetad and with the appropriate lineup, they're 100% a top 5 team, up there with optimal CLS (3 event characters, 1 raid character), GAS (1 event character that requires 2 event characters, 1 raid character and multiple end-game farms (shaak ti being available in the final section of fleet nodes, for example)), DR (2 event chars, 1 of which requires an additional event char), JKL (GET farms, event chars/ships), JKR (probably the "cheapest" of these teams at 2 event chars + raid char or GET farm, but viable at basically just base unlock due to GMY being unlocked with Jedi, which is the team you run under JKR)

    - Arena-wise, GLs will always be more consistent and outperform BB, and every other top 5 non-GL team can beat them on offense, along with a bunch of other lower tier teams, while generally having less total counters than BB does, and thus hold their position better.
    - Non-arena-wise, you're dealing with having multiple teams, so 1 power team doesn't do "that" much.
    - Non-PVP-wise, same deal with needing multiple teams, but with a lot of specific teams doing VASTLY better due to how PVE modes in SWGOH work. (Assault Battles and Territory Battles hard require specific teams, Galactic Challenges hard require specific teams for max rewards and Raids/other modes just have very, very specific teams that perform absurdly well in them)

    I'd suggest working on BB as a side project while beelining for a GL, The new-player-viable GLs are SEE, SLKR and Rey, which one you want is dependent on what modes you care about the most - SLKR does the best in Raids, Rey does the best in Conquest, SEE ~probably~ does the best in Arena if you don't have access to CAT, but relies on at least a base unlock Wat to really... perform well.

    Rey probably has the best overall game-wide performance, but SLKR would boost your resource incomes the most due to being able to solo HSTR, and isn't reliant on anything outside of his unlock requirements for PVP, unlike both SEE and Rey. - If you're not aiming to be the bottom player in the guild you're in, the consistent HSTR first place rewards WILL make a huge difference over time.

    I wouldn't suggest restarting at all in the position you're in, but I'd probably suggest shifting priorities to BB/GL, while finishing off whatever teams you've already worked on over time. Practically every notable mode that's not "Squad Arena" or "Fleet Arena" is heavily reliant on having multiple teams, and unless you're able to get top 10 in squad or fleet, those other modes generally reward you with a LOT more than squad/fleet arena do.

    It's difficult to actually "screw yourself over" in SWGOH without taking a break or having worked on actually garbage-tier characters like... Tuskens.
    Eventually, you'll want those Geos, Padme, Jedi, etc. teams. Usually way sooner than you'd expect.

    You'll 100% be better off either shifting focus or just fully finishing certain teams (depending on roster/progress) than you would be restarting. - A lot of meta teams are highly reliant on zetas/relic levels/specific compositions that you aren't going to be seeing early on anyway, Like Padme getting significantly better once characters can't die in 1 hit or CLS becoming S tier with a perfect lineup and the right zetas, but arguably barely even being B tier before that.
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