Which mods to sell?

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Should I just sell off all my mods below MkV? Since unlocking Tier3 mod challenges I have begun to amass a good number of MkV mods and I'm wondering if I should just sell off everything else. They can't be sliced or upgraded if they're below MkV, right? Is there any point in keeping them? I'm at the stage of the game where there's a Serious Credit Crunch and I wasted credits upgrading the first few mods I got, because newbie, but now I'm ONLY upgrading MkV mods.


  • Kyno
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    I would just start taking them off and selling them, but yes they will all eventually be sold.

    Keep them if they have useful stats and are already upgraded. Yes, I would not spend any resources upgrading more at this point. Sell the ones you have that are not upgraded or used on a toon. Use the ones you can until you get past the credit crunch hump and have a good library to replace them.
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