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Has something changed with LS fleet battles? I used to be able to win most of the time with a relic rebel fleet. Now it's not even close. They get utterly destroyed, often without taking out a single enemy. I don't even get a chance to use formations.
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    Is this TB related?

    No nothing was changed.

    - did you fill the same amount of platoons as normal?
    - Do your pilots have the same mods as usual?
    - Are you getting the same enemy composition all the time?

    I find rebels a nightmare against Geos. Seems almost every time I pick Rebels the enemy is Geos.
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    Yeah, the TB. Nothing has changed. No changed to mods and we got full formations. Twice I got geos, once I got other seperatists, the other time bounty hunters. All four were over in under a minute.
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    And again. That's two TB's in a row where my Ackbar fleet suddenly can not win a single battle. 0 for his last 6 and not particularly close.
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