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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Omega, the enhanced clone from Kamino, has made her way to the holotables to round out the Bad Batch faction. Her interest in Clone Force 99 eventually led to her joining the ragtag well as her being the catalyst for an impromptu food fight. Although Omega often felt like a misfit, the Bad Batch embraced her and became the family she never had.

Under a Bad Batch lead, Omega gains Speed and Offense. When stealthed, she also assists Bad Batch allies when they use a Special ability. Her Special ability Adaptive Learner introduces a new buff and new status effect to the game, Target Practice and Zeroed In. The buff grants damage bonuses while the status effect allows her to ignore Taunt on enemies affected by Zeroed In. Omega can also inflict Blind and Daze on enemies with her Basic ability, Disarming Shot.

Omega is the piece of the puzzle the Bad Batch didn’t know they needed, but accepted wholeheartedly. On the holotables, she adds some high single-target damage output to an already fun faction. Play the new marquee event to unlock Omega and complete your Bad Batch squad.

The Basics:
  • Omega joins the holotable as the 5th member of the Bad Batch squad which enables Wrecker to start the battle with Taunt.
  • Previously, the majority of the damage in the Bad Batch squad came from Hunter but Omega helps round out the team’s offensive capabilities by focusing on single target damage.
  • Omega’s kit provides the Bad Batch squad with some additional sustainability and a self dispel through her Special, Empathy First.
  • Omega fits right into the Bad Batch squad as her kit also interacts with buffs and debuffs - her Unique, Part of the Squad, boosts her damage based on the number buffs she has and debuffs her target has.
    • She also brings several buffs to the table that the Bad Batch squad previously did not have access to: Protection Over Time, Defense Penetration, and Protection Up.

Unique Attributes:
  • Omega has a new buff, Target Practice, and Status Effect, Zeroed In.
    • Omega's aim gets better with practice, and when she uses her Special ability, Adaptive Learner, against targets with Zeroed In, she will gain more stacks of her Target Practice buff.
  • She can bypass Taunt if the target has Zeroed In but you will want to apply this Status Effect before the enemy get’s their Taunt up.
    • This only enables Omega to bypass enemy Taunts to target enemies under the effects of Zeroed In, and does not affect other Bad Batch members.
  • She’s got a sweet Zygerrian energy bow!

  • Omega was always planned to be the fifth member that completes the Bad Batch squad.
  • The other four Bad Batch members’ abilities were specifically created with Omega’s synergies in mind.
  • Omega’s skill and confidence grows throughout the show as she learns how to fight from her Bad Batch allies.
    • Omega picks up a Zygerrian energy bow while on a mission and we wanted to lean into her getting better and better with it over time.
  • Omega’s Relic is Lula, a tooka doll owned by Wrecker (Also the loth-cat is a specific breed of tooka!).

Strategy Tips:
  • Keeping Omega under the effects of Stealth is critical to keeping her safe and maximizing her damage potential.
    • You either want to use Omega’s Special, Empathy First, or have a Bad Batch ally give her stealth as soon as possible.
    • A good amount of her overall damage comes from Omega assisting while stealthed - Omega assists for 60% less damage whenever a Bad Batch ally uses a Special ability while she is Stealthed.
  • Omega’s Special, Adaptive Learner, is a strong opening move regardless of the enemy she’s matched up against.
    • Applying Zeroed In earlier is very important and allows you to start building up stacks of Target Practice early in battle.
  • Enemies with the Zeroed In Status Effect can be targeted by Omega even if another enemy has Taunt - Use this to keep Omega focused on important targets!
    • As mentioned above, apply this early before the Taunt goes up or you will need to dispel Taunt before you can tag your preferred target.
    • You can also use Hunter’s Special, Finish What We Started, to allow Omega to ignore Taunt and apply Zeroed In on desired targets.
  • Omega’s damage ramps up progressively throughout a battle so she is particularly adept at longer engagements.

  • This Update also removes the ARC Trooper as a requirement for the Reek Combat Mission.
    • This allows you to bring in a full squad of Bad Batch characters into the Reek mission, including Omega since she has the Clone Trooper tag.
  • Omega is not on the list of Hero Units on the Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle but the four other Bad Batch units will be added to the list with this week’s Update.
    • Omega wasn’t present during the Clone Wars and it didn’t feel like it thematically made sense to include her as a Hero but the full Bad Batch squad is still very good in the Geonosis Territory Battle.
  • Why does she have the Clone Trooper tag?
    • It’s partly thematic and partly for gameplay reasons. She’s definitely a clone and she’s definitely a trooper but mostly it is because we wanted her to have the synergy with Clones across the board.
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