Thoughts on primary team?

Okay guys so this is my starting 5 for PVP:
Lvl 49 Sid 4*- Gear level 6
Lvl 49 Kylo 4*- Gear level 6
Lvl 49 Lumi 4* - Gear level 6
Lvl 49 Lando 4* - Gear level 6
Lvl 49 Boba 4* - Gear level 6

My question is should I replace any of these characters with my bench?
4*: Dooku, Ashoka, Barris, Finn, Poe, Phasma, Ig88, Mace
3*: Luke, Cad

I'm also 8 shards away from Vader


  • Maybe Phasma or IG-88 could be suitable fill-ins down the road once they've been upgraded. They both have some nice abilities that affect all team members and that's good...
  • In place of who do you think?
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    I would go poe over boba (or even Luminara) and then just wreck with aoe.
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