Returning Player Seeking Farming Advice

I've recently returned to the game after ~2 years and am looking for some advice on who to farm. When i first started the game I didn't know what i was doing and just farmed my fav characters, and started focusing first order before i stopped.

Right now my goal is to get SLKR since I have some FO progress, but I'm unsure of what to do next.

Thank you!


  • StealthGOBLIN32
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    You are not close to SLKR. Go for Commander Luke and then get Chewie, Han, and R2. After that you will have a working rebel team and you can switch focus to Geos in order to get Padme. SLKR will take months from where you are and only results in one solid team. You can get three or four in that time.
    - You don’t know everything. Deal with it.
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