CRancor raid squads

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Just curious, which squads do the best in the CRancor and on which phases? I don’t have a huge selection of r5 toons yet so I can’t do much damage but even my toons like r7 GAS just seem to die after a couple of hits so I’m wondering what teams can actually do anything.


  • Well this is what I use
    Phase 1:
    Vader, kru, wat, C3PO and bb8

    Phase 2:
    SLKR, hux, Thrawn, daka, zombie

    Phase 3:
    Shaak ti clones
    Imp troopers (can also work in p2)

    Phase 4:
    GL Rey, JKL, JKR, GAS, Hoda
    Then kitchen sink
  • With phase 1 for clarification that’s 2 different teams padme and the Vader team
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