No stealth in Jakku GC

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In the Jakku GC it appears I can only apply stealth once from any team member. For example i can only use R2's stealth ability once. All subsequent attempts he just spins around but no one gets stealth. The only debuff I see on my team is the overheat that's applied at the start of battle, but I didn't read anything about it affecting stealth. I've tried other characters ( Shaak Ti). Same results, after the first stealth, subsequent attempts to stealth fail. I must be missing something.
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  • Ahhhhh. Thank you!
  • I used JML lead with JKR jkl R2 and GAS. Attack Jango with single shots. No aoe. When you can mark with JKR, mark Dengar. Take him out and spam stealth from R2. You might have to slow down your attacks by using the special ability to take off fire stacks.
  • Teebo CLS Han Chew Wat
    Do not AOE
    Do not hit Dengar, his stealth stops yours
    Penetration on Han
    Prot recover on CLS
    Health prot on Chew
    Kill Jango 1st
    Kill mando
    Then just keep using overheat dispelling to cycle through turns. If Dengar stealths, just keep doing it till he unstealths

    ^ easy "F2P" strategy
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