Rewards will bring rewards

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Why have non of the rewards stores been added to updated or just changed. Now I think this would help the entire universe the player and developer. There are more people who walk away from this flaw then really thought about boba and asoka Catina example are farmable. But this would help the daily players and the new if the shards were more relevant to today's game not 4 years ago


  • Kyno
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    Shipments are not meant to be the end all be all. They have stages of usefulness and many of the characters in them have some purpose.

    Early game - build up useful toons for various reasons

    Mid game - finish needed toons, and shard shop currency

    End game - finish non needed toons, because hey, you never know... and shard shop currency.

    The locked them a while back so that players would feel comfortable spending that currency to get gear from the shard shop.
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