Should I keep ranking up Kanan, or should I start getting Nute Gunray?

I heard Geos + Nute Gunray is a pretty good team, should I start getting Nute now or do I wait?

(Swgoh account:


  • Go ahead and get your Phoenix team to 7 star and g8/9 so you can get Palpatine and Thrawn. Then farm Geos and/or seps
  • For Squad Arena currency here is how I would order it:
    1. Kanan to 7*
    2. Tarkin to 7*
    3. Nute to 7*

    After you get Hera & Ezra to 6*, I would pause them and start farming the Geo pilots (Spy & Soldier) from cantina energy so you are ready for fleet. Zeb you can also take to 6* from the GW store then park him there and start saving all your GW tokens until you hit level 60 where the ships will start to show up in that store. Then buy the Geo ships when they show up.

    Continue gearing PS to g8 and also working up the gear on those Geos (Spy, Soldier and Sun Fac once you hit 60) and then once PS is all g8, you can consider switching over to Nute + Geos in arena.

    For reference, my alt account is level 77 now and I have all PS at g8, and my Geos are all g9 almost g10...I still use PS for Squad Arena but will be switching soon. So you still have quite a few levels to go where PS will serve you well.
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