Order to Farm Toons for Supreme Leader Kylo Ren


I am curious of a good order to farm the toons for the Supreme Leader Kylo Ren requirement. This is the following toons: KRU, FOS, FOO, Kylo Ren, Phasma, FOX, Vet Han, Sith Trooper, FOSFTIE, Hux, FOTIE & Palp. Thanks.


  • Kru and Hux are easily the best FO toons (after slkr ofc). Add FOO, Kylo Ren, sith trooper and you have yourself a solid team.

    Palp is also great if you have vader/empire toos geared.

    FOS is a great tank with slkr.

    Pilots, phasma, vet are not that usefull. Some might even say trash.
  • flux_rono
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    do you mean farm as in the shards, or farm as in the gear?
  • Farm as in gear.
  • swamptours wrote: »
    Farm as in gear.

    Then the order @KarateApina has laid out above sounds just about right, though moving Palpatine up near the top if you have a suitable sith/empire line up to pair him with is also not a bad idea.
  • Jkane
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    How are you progressing on the Finalizer? If you're having difficulties AND you have Kylo's shuttle starred up, gearing up the 3 crew members can make a big difference. Don't have to gear them up all the way right away, but G11+ can help. I found that ship to be quite useful there.
  • Crayons
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    KRU, Kylo, Hux, The pilots, Sith Trooper, (put trooper before pilots if you are not gonna use FO ships) then FOX and FOO. Phasma and Storm Trooper can be last because you won’t use them until you have SLKR anyway.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    KRU, OG Kylo, Hux, Sith Trooper + 1 gives you a useful FO. Not planet-busting but useful. I would probably go With FOX as the fifth.

    Palp is integral to the Empire command squad of course. (Palp, Vader, Thrawn + 2 cannon fodder)

    And Vet Han can bolster a JTR squad quite nicely with his combination of damage and offensive crowd control.
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