[MEGA] Road Ahead: July 2021


  • Ultra
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    It looks like they are going to kill the free to play players with these changes!

    You can freely get a GL though
  • Thanks for removing the conquest disk swapping cost. And big cheers for new Maul.
    Please reconsider introducing relic 9, maybe even remove relic 8 and focus more on new content.
  • Gurken
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    CG talks about prolonging the game but doesn't add new events or game modes. BBQ Anakin seems like one last cash grab before the game goes away completely.

    BBQ Anakin, I like that! He totally is, he only has 30mins as LV in ep3 before he becomes Darth Vader we all know and fear
  • Coming from someone who has four GL’s…it doesn’t bother me we have non-gl counters. Good for someone who can make it work…GAC is already boring and dated with crap rewards. If I lost because of it…who cares. The new games modes like conquest really don’t help the gear crunch as is fast becoming stale. The help with the gear economy was supposed to come before relic 8…now we are moving on the relic 9. No help yet. Really? So much for gathering data on the gear economy when they made changes to the shard economy…another middle finger to the player base.
  • Stenun
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    Assuming the Executor is a ship-equivalent of a GL, we're probably going to get a LS opposite in a few months. So that'll be even more r8 requirements incoming very soon. Possibly even the first r9.
  • Kyno
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    Question for Kyro:

    Is there any concern on how the changes for JKL and GAS are going to effect JML's interaction with other GL's?

    Currently JKL and GAS are huge pieces of a JML squad, I am concerned that JML's viability vs other GL's will be directly effected due to these changes.

    There are always concerns, but if I say it was tested I will just start a whole another line of conversation.

    They will keep an eye on any effects this change has and will react accordingly to anything unexpected or undesirable.

    Also I assume you meant Kyno, if not I will let Kyro speak for themself. 🙃
  • If we get a LS counterpart to the Executor, they can give it 5M gp and then 3* in LS Fleet p4 will finally be physically possible to achieve.
  • Overall I liked the video idea and commend them for trying it. It certainly could've had a little better quality in editing and their speaking but I can chalk that up to this being the first time they've done something like this and it would get more polished over time. I chuckled at the dad jokes (little things like "over-mauled") and overall liked it. The actual content however, I liked some of it and didn't like some of it. I understand the necessary changes to the characters that ignore defense, but I do not like all the changes that are going to start treating GL like raid bosses. I could even stomach most of them if not for the change to Thrawn, he was a key piece in many GL counters. Now his fracture will just basically act like a speed down de-buff instead of actually locking the GL down for 1 turn. I'll have to see how these changes play out in the wild before I make my final decision on whether these are good or bad changes for the health of the game.
  • Devian
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    Will they add Deanger's ship to the game? [Punishing One]
    Coz I really don't want to relic character that is currently useless to my BH squad(no free spot) and has no ship
  • Devian
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    Ah, and will Rancor require meat at the start of each phase? Coz Tusken Raider - Relic 5 is basically rankor's food. But Rose is more then enough for him. currently
  • LOL to trying create a long term META. You're creating a GL only meta
  • Phoenixeon
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    Who knows if they make executor a BH-empire cap, not just empire?
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