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  • Great road head delivery cg. Really liked the way it was delivered and explained. I am going to let everyone else digest what they think and feel about it. With all new info that’s Boosts or nerfs people are excited and angry. My question to cg on the road ahead is what is the percent of people in the game who have access to relic 8 now? With relic 9 coming (c-tank relic6 to get in?) out I really hoped to hear that you will be adding tiers to c-pit starting at relic 1 with less rewards, but with a few relic 8 mats to give a path for lower guilds and a chance (this would just lower it to a 200mil from 250mil +) Or relic 8 is open in other ways who are not in a c-pit guild. Or high enough for hard mode conquest. Yes, you still have the all mighty dollar, but what about the other 60% or more who do not have access relic 8.
  • It seems like every new player is just going to shoot for the quickest GL because those with them will dominate and those who prefer to play the game for their love of star wars and want their favorite characters will get stomped on. I’m willing to give a chance, but coming from someone who was somewhere between whale and f2p, I’m not spending any more money till I see how this plays out. It’s not fun having just two tiers of toon. The winners and the losers and that’s it. Having an intricate checks and balance with a few special mediums such as GAS being able to best a GL, but only one makes the game complex and fun. Now it’s seems like it’s just going to be lame, black and white, GL’s, non-GL’s.
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    This thing was entirely unnecesary and it trivializes the raid that puts an exclusive piece for r8. Now everything needs it all of a sudden with 0 supply for it.


    1) pick your credit card
    2) buy crystals
    3) go to weekly shipments
    4) buy 15 IDs for 2700 crystals
    5) since there's a high chance that this will not even cover your weekly Aero income (unless you mostly ignore CPit and just sign up) go to daily shipments and buy g12 gear to scrap (like 15 medpacs for 450 crystals)
    6) since farming g12+ gear with 3x fleet energy refreshs is also not providing enough Zinbiddles, make sure to buy them for crystals aswell

    Of course I could also farm normal 9F...if there wasn't that BB asking for 4 chars being farmed on LS nodes at the same time taking away 720 energy with all their nodes being refreshed one time. Oh wait..actually I do spend some energy on 9F! Like 80 spare energy which is like...1.6 bayonets? YAY! Just 181.4 left!!!

    Bottom line:
    Doing well in CPit is pointless if you're not a spender. But you already know that. Oh and relicing chars to R8 is also pointless (except for some exceptions like GAS, JKL or Vader or the obvious GL requirements) since you gonna bloat your GP, have a higher chance of getting an opponent that has a GL more than you as a result of the bloat and....well, lose the GAC match because CG wants it to be a "who has more GLs" check.
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    Can't wait until 7* Executor is the last requirement for Lord Vader
    #CloneHelmets4Life...VICTORY!!!! :smiley: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." The more you tighten your grip, CG/EA, the more whales will slip through your fingers (and go F2P or quit).
  • NO. Just no.. not gonna spend or devote resources to get LV and my participation in GAC just went to zero.

    These changes speak to the fact that reworking these many characters to promote 6 GLs is just poor overall planning...

    Relic 8 materials better get a whole lot easier to get than CPIT or Conquest!

    the struggle of the Gear Economy is Real..
  • P2P's are like more salty tears please lol

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    Change the annoying conquest feats! It's nice to get New Boss modifiers and data Discs dont get me wrong, but it's almost worthless if we always have to complete the same feats. You have to play in the same way to complete these feats every conquest that's the problem.
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    First of all: @CG_Doja_Fett_MINI you are hilarious! You need to start writing Crumb's jokes though, he needed a little help. Love the new format!

    Secondly, calm down y'all. The sky is not falling. This game's demise has been predicted every other week since it launched, and it's still here.

    Thirdly, after these changes go into effect, tune in to your favorite YouTuber and they'll have theory-crafted different counters...happens every time.

    Lastly, did I mention Doja_Fett is hilarious. Love it!

    What theorycrafting are you talking about? Rey, SLKR, JML and SEE counters are well developed today. We already know what works and what doesn't work. After these changes the list of "works" will just get significantly shorter. That will be the beginning and the end of the "after changes" theorycrafting.

    See point #2, friend. Relax, breathe...this is just a mobile game.
  • That's exactly what it's going to be. Maybe 6*. Everyone was so excited about LV release and they still manage to f it up...
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    With the new road ahead, it sounds as if GLs are being put into a category of their own now and non-GLs, that have been used to counter them thus far, are being nerfed to not be viable counters in the future. Three of those four characters are Jedi Knight Luke, General Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader. These three characters could easily be argued as 3 characters that should be in the top tier, most powerful in the game. Since non-GLs are being nerfed to not beat GLs, then does it stand to reason that these three should be converted to GLs, rather than being nerfed to not beat GLs?

    I don't see CG ever doing this, but it seems more reasonable to me that these characters be given their proper place in the game rather than being tuned down to a lower tier of character. What do you all think? Are Rey and Kylo more powerful characters than Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker or GAS?
  • Problem with that.

    People have them inlocked and relic and they can't make money from them now
  • xGriiMErZ is 100% right. CG doesn't profit out of retroactively improving characters or making them a new 'tier'.
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    The problem gets worse with TW. The algorithm is so bad that as I said before we matched with a guild having 40 GL more. What do you expect us to do there?

    Do what everyone else does - join TW with like 30 people and beat up on new players.

    We have a healthy guild with 48-50 joins all time. Surely i can't tell people to stand out. matchmaking needs to be updated both in TW and GAC to reflect this
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    It looks like they are going to kill the free to play players with these changes!

    You can freely get a GL though

    Maybe after a year and a half of pure focus on them. Which isn't reasonable to ask anyone to do just to compete. I find it extremely hard to believe you actually agree with what you're saying. It's more likely you're just playing damage control so CG will let you keep your position.
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