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    AtreiNero wrote: »
    I really hope CG listens and doesn't go through with many of the changes.
    While I do completely agree with your post, I can also pretty much certify you that they won't listen to the feedback in any shape, way or form, and that they absolutely will go through the nerfs they planned. This is a terrible for the players, and I absolutely hate how they try to cover everything with the ridiculous excuses they give in the video.

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    AtreiNero wrote: »
    If you are going to go to a GL can only defeat another GL meta, then CG must provide a free GL to anyone once they reach a certain GP. They mush also lock TW so that teams completing have the same amount of GLs. They must also do the same for GAC. All 8 people in the GAC must have the same number of GLs. If those last two aren't met, then anyone who doesn't have a GL vs someone who does is screwed.

    This right here. If they do not do this.. someone wanting to go for Jedi Master Luke is going to be severely punished when he or she gets matched up with others who rushed for SLKR instead, who can be had in a third of the time.

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    Just make getting to gear 12 significantly easier and this would not be this badly recieved. It sucks, but raking people over the coals for g9-g12 when characters that level are barely viable makes people literally hate you guys. You need to ease up somewhere, making people grind for gear levels that are next to useless is straight up cruel.
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    So I originally commented on how to ease the Kyro crunch in the Road Ahead mega thread, but this is not directly related to that, and I did not want it to get lost.

    With mandating g8, along with the huge increase in signal data & zimbiddle farming that entails, not to mention Impulse Dectectors (Aeromagnifiers are fine, for now), and the jump in Kyros required to get & gear a new GL from 2000ish for SLKR/Rey to 3500ish for Lord Vader, the time has come to increase Kyro availability.

    But how do you do that without making Kyros too available too soon? The obvious answer is to make them more farmable, but they're already farmable on normal nodes. The problem is that you have to farm the new characters as well, and paying more than 50 crystals for 120 energy to farm Kyros results in the average farmed Kyro cost exceeding the Kyro Shipments cost.

    So how can you reward more Kyros without either lowering the energy refresh cost and/or providing more energy?

    The answer is to add Kyros to the end of Fleet Battles (in Normal 5H)

    It takes a long time to complete the final stages of Fleet Battles, and there are very important toons & ships you need to farm there. New players can't rush to 5H and ignore all the other important toons/ships which are going to take quite a while to farm. But once you're at the stage of the game where you have nothing new to farm in Fleet Battles, you're also clearly in the stage of the game where you can & should be farming Kyros.

    You still have to spend crystals, of course, to get those energy refreshes. But if you put in the work of daily spending & simming, you'll get an advantage over time vs. merely buying Kyros in shipments for a lump sum. My current strategy is to buy Kyros from shipments, since I need to use enough energy on other things that the little energy left over after Bad Batch farms doesn't bring in Kyros fast enough, and spending 100 crystals per 120 energy is more expensive than shipments.

    But if you're patient & do the work, putting Kyros in at the very end of Fleet Battles makes the crystals you spend somewhat more effective at accumulating Kyros over time. This is a good thing and a good compromise when compared to simply doling out large numbers more free Kyros.

    Here is my proposal as originally written:
    Make the final Fleet/Normal node (Fleet Normal 5H) drop 1 kyro of each type. Move the Mark 6 Medpack to Fleet Normal 4B. Delete the Mk9 Electro Binoculars currently awarded on Fleet Normal 4B. Everyone has a surplus of these anyway.
    Finally, in addition to double drop events (or alternating with DD events so you have the same number of such events per year), have Kyro events where every node (or every LS node or whatever) has the standard chance to drop a Kyro in addition to everything else it would normally drop. If this is too much, have events where LS battles have a chance to drop 1 of the Kyros, DS has a chance to drop the other Kyro, and Cantina has a chance to drop Impulse Detectors.

    Now, you note that this makes spending 100 crystals on a 120 energy refresh equal in crystal efficiency to spending 50 crystals for 120 regular energy. However, I did this on purpose because you still need to constantly farm g12 pieces here, which might take up all or most of your 50 crystal refreshes.

    This maintains the economy of the game, still requires spending to bring in Kyros at a reasonable rate, but changes the calculus for players like me, who have to farm Carbonite Circuit Boards & characters shards for regular energy, and so cannot farm Kyros at a cost efficient price.

    Please, CG, implement this as soon as possible. The Kyro balance is dramatically off at this point, and this would be a very modest effort towards fixing it, with no new free/passively farmed Kyros given.

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    GLs were already really bad for the game. So many player quit about the insane complexity increase from the need of GL counters. Every other meta so far had counters from lower tiers. Maybe difficult ones, maybe ones that required special modding/etc. but there were some.

    Your intentions in the video were not honest. If it was solely for making the defense stat more viable, then you could have boosted other parts of the characters kits to make them equally viable.

    I got really excited about a BH capital ship, but these changes towards the end were so horrendous that even 10 capital ships would not outdo them.

    GLs increased the complexity by such a degree that not fully competitive players became a big burden in a guild.
    GLs made it really hard for a newer player to keep up in the big range of older players out there. GLs had big requirements and many of those came from older times and players around there have these characters geared. I am in the dolphin to whale category and with almost 3 years on my watch I have all GLs so far except Rey. I dived into all the new layers of the cake in terms of relic levels and went hard on mods. The **** poor balancing puts me up against much stronger players since relic levels are not that impactful compared to the GP increase they give. I never face players anymore with equally GL counts or even less.

    The introduction of GLs and the aftermath made half of my guild go from competitive to semi-inactive. They stick around for the guys in our guild, but the drastic complexity increase made the game suck hard for them. Cutting GL counters completely makes GLs suck even more.

    You got one week to convince me that the GAC experience is not ruined further for me. 1 week, because I'll stop spending completely now and will revert all transactions. I'll stay open and receptive for arguments that change my mind, but right now these changes are killign the game for me.
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    Wow….lots to break down….

    The format:
    I very much enjoyed it since it had a highlighted explanation afterwards on the forums. It’s personable and puts a face to devs. Doja made it fun.

    The new characters:

    -Maul: YES!!!!! Very excited

    -Executor: Cool, but we need more ships though. We already have plenty of capital ships but no way to actually make full fleets…talk about putting the cart before the horse..

    Lord Vader: Called it!

    Relic Requirements and Relic 9

    What in the actual deuce? Relic 9 in august??? Wait let me take a minute to say, I TOLD YOU SO! When that post leaking R9 came out. I figured end of the year but august….wow! @DarjeloSalas we still on for that zeta bet? Or did I just say I’d zeta stormtrooper and you never agreed lol

    Devs I’m seriously curious how you’re piling more gear levels and more progression on us with doing nothing to alleviate the current economy. Do you know how many toons i have at G8 still because of the need for stun guns, carbs, cuffs, etc not just there but at every gear level after until G13? Then we need even more relic materials after that now. I mean give me a break. FIX THE GEAR ECONOMY BEFORE YOU ADD MORE PROGRESSION. Holy cow it’s not that hard….

    As for the reqs on executor….r8? Lmao stop it. Just stop. I’m not even going to get into it lol…

    Lord Vader needing bad batch…I mean ok….I think it’s a bit much for all that since they just became F2P but they are an amazing team…tusken raider at R5 just hurts my soul….

    Overall, ease up on the relic reqs before you fix gear economy. At this point, getting a toon to G12 should not be difficult at all. That should be the new G8. For real. Fix this nonsense already.

    Character changes and nerfs against GL’s

    This is just bad guys…you are making theory crafting die a painful death now. This is ridiculous. There is no reason to take away non GL counters. You are making life miserable for players unless you are planning to overhaul matchmaking too. Even then….you guys are doing something that isn’t needed. This needs to be rethought

    As for the changes to defense and defense penetration….I mean if it’s a balancing issue, ok. I get it. Things happen and you need to prevent a roadblock for future development. However you missed the mark with Wat. Big time. His weapon tech is useless against TM gain prevention teams. You need to make it stronger or you’re nerfing Wat biggly.

    Overall? Idk CG….I think you guys have just dropped a massive super kick to the chins of all F2P and are just disturbingly stubborn stacking even more relic progression with no changes to the gear economy. Any exciting changes and hype with some of these new characters is just being drowned out by all the bad in this….
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    It's amazing how any time we want some change to the game -- even a minor one -- we're told it will take time. But let theory-crafters find a solution to the new unbeatable meta and CG can't move fast enough to "fix" it.
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    Current GL Spark Notes:

    -Rey’s whirlwind got nerfed, but her GAC defense was buffed indirectly.

    -SEE has faster ult

    -SLKR with Maul will counter JMK (Both have dark side and unaligned force user tags, so Maul benefits from SLKR leadership, and Maul had an anti Kenobi kit, maybe add some sith in the team like DR or Malak)

    -JML will be tanky with R9 but SLKR with sith will have an easier climb due to GAS nerf
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    I like the video addition and agree that the GL need to be placed out of reach of non-GL toons as the requirements for GL unlock are so hard to achieve that the value needs to be in line. However PvP matching needs to be addressed, Players without GL going against a GL opponent is not fun.
    Their value was already pretty well established, imo. GLs are way above the rest of the roster already, and they offer a tremendous advantage for anyone having them. The few counters we have often require to break some otherwise useful teams. Beside, in GAC and TW, you already have to make crucial choices anyway (Wat Tambor is often use both for the Rey counter with Vader and for the JML counter with SEE, for instance. So in both of these game modes, having more GL already has insane value).

    The fact they are openly stating they want to quell and kill any non-gl counter isn't making the meta any better, it just make matchmaking even more delicate to balance (as you pointed out rightfully), because it can quickly be a death sentence not only in GAC. And even more in TW. If the guild you're facing hasn't the same number of GL than your own guild, it's pretty much game over already.
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    I want to return JML and want the resources spent back.
    The best thing about JML was he could use GAS and JKL.... both got nerfed. Sp... JML won't have no use anymore. I want to return it.
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    I have played Swgoh for almost 2 years and have definitely enjoyed it. I have definitely spent a good amount of money on this game. This update will make gls untouchable for anyone who has not been playing forever or is willing to spend all their money. They were already almost impossible unless a perfect counter was executed and now that will be removed. Nerfing characters is going to destroy many people’s chances in ga. If your opponent has a gl and you don’t your entire chance of winning is over. This will cause many people to quit the game. I doubt many will binge spend and instead be angry their characters they worked hard on are useless and will quit the game. These changes will be tens of million of dollars lost, and if changes are not made this will lead to end of the whole game. I doubt a single actual player in this game actually wants this change to happen. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, we need to stand up as a community against this change to not ruin the game that so many people enjoy.
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    el_mago wrote: »
    th3evo wrote: »
    el_mago wrote: »
    First of all: @CG_Doja_Fett_MINI you are hilarious! You need to start writing Crumb's jokes though, he needed a little help. Love the new format!

    Secondly, calm down y'all. The sky is not falling. This game's demise has been predicted every other week since it launched, and it's still here.

    Thirdly, after these changes go into effect, tune in to your favorite YouTuber and they'll have theory-crafted different counters...happens every time.

    Lastly, did I mention Doja_Fett is hilarious. Love it!

    What theorycrafting are you talking about? Rey, SLKR, JML and SEE counters are well developed today. We already know what works and what doesn't work. After these changes the list of "works" will just get significantly shorter. That will be the beginning and the end of the "after changes" theorycrafting.

    See point #2, friend. Relax, breathe...this is just a mobile game.

    That argument might hold water if people weren't being told they have to spend 1000s of dollars to fully experience the game. This update isn't just another unbalanced character being added. They are fundamentally changing the game to make it extremely difficult if not impossible for f2p players and even light spenders to play alongside people with GLs. GAC is now a dead game mode if your opponent has a GL and you don't. Or if they have more GL's than you. Any conquest tier with a GL boss is now impossible to beat if you don't have a GL yourself. Downplay this all you want, but it will have an enormous impact on the game and only makes things worse for the general player.

    I'm in a similar boat as you. I only have one, very recently acquired GL and I just lost in GAC to someone who had two GLs.

    Still gonna wake up in the morning, drink my coffee, kiss my family, and go to work.

    I'm just choosing to let this play out, see the changes "in the wild", and enjoy the game - not let it destroy my fun. I sincerely suggest everyone do the same.

    Ally code:
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    I'm not even gonna comment on the changes cause the video format has me seething with rage.

    For the love of everything that's dear in the world, please put all the changes in text format. Make a video where you explain your motives if you must, but don't force us to watch it just to know what's changing.
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    I kinda love how all the FTP GL Counters are getting nerfed on a massive scale, at the same time SEE is finally getting a buff so that he’s not Autoed by Imperial Troopers anymore.

    Other than that, this sucks. I can understand nerfing Defense Ignore to make Tanks survive more but on both GAS and JKL new traits are made specifically to continue murdering Tanks. Vader’s Culling Blade damage is nearly cut in half, and his buff against Raid Bosses just barely increases his damage (and despite all the “Raid Bosses and Galactic Legends” changes later, bonus damage against GLs is noticeably absent.)

    Vader, Thrawn, Gideon, and Wat are all key to countering GLs, and now they’re all much worse to worthless in that regard. GAS’s change especially hurts, because I remember when SLKR didn’t make his entire team immune to Crits before it was changed thanks to GAS’s Cooldown Increase.

    Maul. I like Maul. Hopefully he settles into a plug and play role that buffs a lot of roles like CAT and isn’t just a Mandalorian leader.

    Lord Vader requirements hurt, but make sense.

    Executor is just… way off. Bounty Hunter synergy? Needs the Razor Crest specifically for about as much reason as why Rey needs the Ebon Hawk? I get that having the Falcon event overlaps with what you’re doing, but isn’t Relic 8 enough?

    Relic 8 is quite enough. Relic 9 shouldn’t come for a long time, especially if nothing else about Relics and the long-suffered gear grind changes.

    Also, is Rey now dealing TEN sets of Massive Damage on her Whirlwind? That’s 999,990 damage, and about 233,330 against GLs, plus whatever the actual ability does. That might oneshot a GL. Oops, goodbye game balance.
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    Killing non-GL counters will have a negative affect on alliance war too. Whoever has more to place wins, the end
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    Video format was fine (if a little rough) but needs to be kept as addition to, not a replacement of, text announcements on here - personally prefer written announcements, I find them easier to digest.

    Both must have all the same information (even if video version just has it displayed as text for a few seconds that people can pause and read text walls for major adjustments like SEE), I definitely don’t want to have to both watch the video and read the post to get all the information.

    Generally agree with consensus that the extensive nerfing of off-meta GL counters is in poor taste, and bad for PVP balance - others have pointed out a number of the specific characters that are taking a big hit.

    Relic 9 seems rushed, and if it is coming, agree that some or all of the requirements need to be more readily available to earn (specifically looking at you, Impulse Detectors…) in events.

    Data disc change cost moving to Energy instead of currency was one of the only bright spots I saw - of course the new characters are exciting too, but I have my reservations about the ‘cover charge’, again as already covered extensively by others.
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    I just now am finishing Clash on Kamino to get GAS. Now I hear I won't be able to use him to climb into top 50 squad arena?? I had hoped to use the cool SLKR counter with Fives and Chewy. Guess that will never happen.
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    Horrible change to the game. GLs are already the most powerful, your excuse for "defense" being the reason for the changes is embarassing. Fracture had nothing to do with defense yet that got changed? With the intention of preserving the longevity of the game, sure feels like you just laid the groundwork for a mass exodus. I hope the devs rethink some of the changes.

    I relicd and modded up my IT specifically to beat SEE since I dont have SLKR. You going to refund me those mats now too? These changes are thoughtless.

    Constructively, I like the video format for the RA.
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    While shards are critical for players in order to build a fun and compelling roster, we know many of you have questions around what’s coming next; rest assured there’s more to tackle in regards to the game’s economy but we need to see the results of these shard changes before committing to any future updates. Gear, Ships, and Event rewards are all being closely examined and any upcoming changes will likely be discussed in a future State of the Galaxy or Road Ahead.

    This was from the November 2020 road ahead. With more and more relic requirements being thrust upon us, wouldn't it be a good idea to, I dunno, tell us the plan for gear....you guys can't be this tone-deaf to the community. You have had long enough and should have triple the amount of data you need to help us out here.

    @Ravens1113 hit the nail right on the head. Fix the economy!
    From Jan 2020
    Q: Would CG upgrade or add a new tier for daily challenge with better prize?
    A: Cyanides - We would! However, We're starting with new Assault Battle tiers before looking into adding tiers to Daily Challenges.

    So....well over a year and a half later....nothing. No wonder why the Q&A's went away.
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    It's clear that the focus of CG is GLs. Because GLs are hard to get and make you spend. Period.

    The game needs to be renamed. It's no longer SW:GOH, it's SW:GLOH (SW:Galactic Legends Only, Honey)
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    @MasterSeedy very disappointed in you.

    If you must insist on GLEE and GLOW, how can you maintain any self respect if you use LV for Lord Vader?

    SMH Head.
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    xGriiMErZ wrote: »
    xGriiMErZ wrote: »
    xGriiMErZ wrote: »
    Kyno wrote: »
    Kyno wrote: »
    Nerfing all gl counters without fixing the matchmaking in all contexts is plain wrong. I've been matching with people having 2 GL less. How are they gonna cope with it? We have also matched in tw with guilds which for one or another reason had 40 gl more than us. What there? Kyno can you find out if matchmaking is being revamped?

    At this time, there are no planned changes to MM. chmoAr0ufif0u

    I assume you are talking GAC.

    GLs add some 300k each to a players GP.

    Talking gac and tw. The algorithm might match guilds with big difference of number of mini raid bosses that can't be countered. Same for Gac. Could you at least raise this concern with devs?

    TW changes are at some level of discussion, but not around this from my understanding and no to GAC from my understanding. They have no intention of basing MM on GLs or other specific toons.

    How are they putting GL's on the same level as raid bosses and not including that in the Matchmaking?! Do they even play their own game?

    Gls should have their power tripled

    I'm gonna assume you're joking.

    I'm sorry, but how, is SLKR worth only 50k GP while gas is worth 37k GP?

    Pretty sure GLs are far more powerful than anything else, so why do their power levels not show that.

    Power level and GP aren't the same thing. If all you want them to do is increase GL's GP then I totally agree. But Galactic Legends are already the strongest characters in the game. They don't need any boost to their viability.

    Ahhh, no, sorry, I meant power as in GP, not their ability power, my mistake, a GL is worth far more than say a GAS level toon, and there only roughy 12k apart, gls should be worth 100k GP if not more, helps with GAC match making without CG really needing to do anything

    A GL comes with the baggage of 250K GP for their requirements.

    So they are already worth vastly more GP than non GLs.
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    Well, GLEE was a challenge/joke from TVF. But now that I have a similar challenge from you, I'll try to come up with something similarly whimsical, silly, and fun for the soon to be renamed LV.

    I've got nothing yet, mind, but I'll work on it.
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    Tintguy wrote: »
    Killing non-GL counters will have a negative affect on alliance war too. Whoever has more to place wins, the end

    Exactly. Sorry, but this change is so bad on so many levels. Even if you fix matchmaking and only players with GL with compete against each other, anyone who has less GL automatically lose. I really don´t see how this helps GAC- this is exact opposite. Full clears will be much harder and top tier players will play more safe. That´s what i see.
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    Well, GLEE was a challenge/joke from TVF. But now that I have a similar challenge from you, I'll try to come up with something similarly whimsical, silly, and fun for the soon to be renamed LV.

    I've got nothing yet, mind, but I'll work on it.
    As a Scotsman who enjoys a drink, if you can somehow shoehorn GLAYVA into it, I’d be impressed.

    I wouldn’t adopt the acronym, but I’d pour myself a measure of glayva to toast your genius.
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    So let me get this straight ...

    With these changes, if you don't have a GL, then you won't be able to counter a GL. So, all anyone who has a GL needs to do when going up against someone without one in GAC is put that GL on defense and they have an auto-win, thus turning GLs into an "I Win" button.

    Pathetic, if you ask me.
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    @MasterSeedy very disappointed in you.

    If you must insist on GLEE and GLOW, how can you maintain any self respect if you use LV for Lord Vader?

    SMH Head.

    GL LV

    GL LOrd Vader

    GL LOrd VadEr

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    Well, GLEE was a challenge/joke from TVF. But now that I have a similar challenge from you, I'll try to come up with something similarly whimsical, silly, and fun for the soon to be renamed LV.

    I've got nothing yet, mind, but I'll work on it.

    LOrd VadEr
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    I'm extremely concerned about these nerfs nerfing Jedi Master Luke. JKL and Gen Sky are big parts of his team. Is CG going to refund my Jedi Master Luke if he's not as good as he used to be? I wouldn't have bothered to even get him if it wasn't for him being good with JKL and Gen Sky. I feel betrayed.
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