Content Update: 08/04/2021

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update introduces a few issue fixes listed below (is that a fix for the Unending Loyalty issue?!? Indeed it is. Special thanks to CG_Puck who worked tirelessly to bring us this fix. It should also be noted that no Bothans were harmed).

For more info on Season 20 Grand Arena Championship, go here.

  • UNIT - Fixed Gamorrean Guard portrait to display correctly in guild chat (previously displayed as Clone Sergeant).
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue with Jedi Master Kenobi's ultimate ability not being used by the AI at 100% under specific circumstances.
  • UNIT - Issue with Unending Loyalty being unable to trigger if it was applied to a ship at 1% Health has been resolved.
  • UNIT - Added the Marked debuff to the list of debuffs for Han’s Millenium Falcon's Unique "She May Not Look Like Much" to ensure it properly clears debuffs.
  • UNIT - Changed the description of Five's unique, "Tactical Awareness" to properly reflect the in-game functionality. The result is the new description states “Fives is defeated at the end of that turn.”
  • EVENT - Updated Bounty Hunter modifier "Thrill of the Hunt" description to include that "True Defense" cannot be dispelled.

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.

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