11 hrs less time with gal chase?



  • TVF
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    There's another thread devoted entirely to drop rates.

    But hey if people want to muddle an actual legit complaint thread (for once) with meaningless data posts, enjoy I guess.
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  • Oh well, I had to do 2 extra 100 crystal refreshes to get it done. Getting the extra notice and extra 11 hours would have saved me the 200 crystals for sure.

    My alt had bad luck and only got to 81/100. Starting from the same point as my main I think 34/100. 3 refreshes per day, but zero energy when the update started the event, and the first days refreshes already used.

    I probably could have waited until the conquest came back, but this chase event was never in the plan outlined, so I got worried that plan might be out the window.
  • It was only 6 hours this time, but you did it again.
  • Gifafi
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    Have you considered moving?
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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