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hello there the reason for this post is to propose ships that would be necessary to have complete fleets very well let's start by mentioning the fleets that are currently complete

(They are not in a specific order, I will simply mention in general the ships that make up the fleet)

let's start with the empire's fleet with the Executrix as capital ship accompanied by:
Emperor's Shuttle
Gauntlet Starfighter
Imperial TIE Bomber
Imperial TIE Fighter
And the TIE Advanced x1

continuing with the Galactic Republic with the negotiator as capital ship accompanied by:
Ahsoka Tano's Jedi Starfighter
Anakin's Eta-2 Starfighter
BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter
Rex's ARC-170
And the Umbaran Starfighter

continuing with the separatists with Malevolence as capital ship accompanied by:
Geonosian Soldier's Starfighter
Geonosian Spy's Starfighter
Hyena Bomber
Sun Fac's Geonosian Starfighter
And the Vulture Droid

Now we go with the fleets that are complete but the occasional new ship would not hurt

starting with the Bounty Hunter with the Executor as the capital ship accompanied by:
(only this time I will mention a fleet of 7 instead of 5)
Hound's Tooth
Razor Crest
Slave I
And the Xanadu Blood

the 2 inclusions that I think would be good for the fleet would be:
Punishing one (Dengar's ship)
and the Jango's Slave1
why those 2 ships? well there are 2 reasons to fill the Razor position in DSGTB and to complete the fleet of 7.

following with rebels with home one as capital ship accompanied by:
(this time I am going to put them in a specific order for a reason that I will explain later)
-start of battle:
Han's Millennium Falcon
And the Rebel Y-wing
--first pair
Bistan's U-wing
Cassian's U-wing
--second pair
Phantom II
--third pair
Biggs Darklighter's X-wing
Wedge Antilles's X-wing

you wonder why he divided the reinforcements into three pairs? Well let me explain, in my opinion that 3 pairs of ships are always reinforced in a rebel fleet so there is a third member missing in those who enter at the beginning of the battle and that is when the ship that I think would be a good inclusion for the Fleet Rebel enters and is:
luke's x-wing

and to finish the fleets that are not complete or are missing something

starting with the first order that has the finalizer as a capital ship accompanied by:
First Order SF TIE Fighter
First Order TIE Fighter
Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle
And the TIE Silencer

and the inclusion that I think would give the first order fleet the missing boost:
the TIE bomber of the first order

why this ship and not the sith interceptor that appears in ep9? well the thing is that the fleet of the first order needs its own tank and the bombers as a rule are tanks and the sith interceptor is more of an attacker

and to end the resistance that the Raddus has as its capital ship accompanied by:
Poe Dameron's X-wing
Resistance X-wing
Rey's Millennium Falcon
and the 2 ships that I think could give that boost that the resistance fleet lacks, which are:
the resistance bomber
and the resistance shuttle
Because those 2 ships, well, the resistance fleet needs its own tank and, as I said, the bombers are usually tanks and the other would be more supportive, a C3PO, but with ships and a half, contrary to the normal C3PO that I mean, always be in stealth, confuse your enemy target while increasing the cooldown of your allies but to speed up the cooldowns of your capital ship as in ep8 all resources were put on those ships but so the raddus could do what it did

You may wonder why the Chimaera and the Endurance do not have a fleet and I will tell you they do, but their most optimal fleet has a better capital ship.

and well with that said, what do you think? I read you in the comments
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