LS GeoTB - GAS not countering on CM

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Hi guys,

Is anyone else having an issue where GAS does not counter on the P2 CM of the Geo LS TB?


  • Kyno
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    You may need to provide more information, which opponents were you facing?

    Is it possible the attacks were not counterable? (Specific attack, stealthed attacker, or whatnot)
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    It was the GAS and Ahsoka CM @Kyno.
    Because they are both 501st GAS should counter unless he has daze and he did not get dazed.
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    Was Stealth involved at all? Or an attack that can’t be countered?
  • Ultra
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    The red battle droid calls other allies to assist, and GAS won't counter on those attacks

    It can happen pretty fast and easy to miss at 4x speed

    I ran the CM a few hours ago and had no problems with GAS countering attacks
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    He countered for fun in my 4/4 earlier
  • TVF
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    He countered for fun in my 4/4 earlier

    I need a new message here.
  • newershadow
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    B1 battle droids also can't be countered when using their special, which they should use every turn since they don't have a cooldown. This is specific to B1s in LSTB and not in their normal kit.
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