Upcoming Character Changes Reminder

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Darth Vader, General Skywalker, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, and Wat Tambor will receive several changes to their kits in an upcoming Update. Prior to that Update, we will return the resources used to upgrade these units beyond Relic 7 to your inbox and reset these units to Relic 7.

We will also be updating several kits with Galactic Legends exceptions in addition to Raid Boss exceptions in the near future. Related to this change, Dark Trooper will be reset to Relic 5 with next week’s update. If you upgraded Dark Trooper beyond Relic 5, any resources used to upgrade Dark Trooper above Relic 5 will be returned to your inbox.

The return of the resources used to upgrade these characters will occur this week and the character changes will go into effect next week.
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