Level 85! Next steps

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Okay here is my plan wanted input/thoughts...

Where I am at:
Phoenix Lvl 82 gear9/8 done as have everything I need from them.
Empire Lvl 84 Lead Palpatine g10 vader g11 thrawn g10 GMT g10 CS g9 Primary team
FO Lvl 81 Lead Kylo Un g10 Kylo g9 FOE g9 FOS g9 FOO g9 was going to be primary but find them a bit weak.

Primary plans:
Continue to build on Empire team, questioning to replace CS, thoughts? Start off with getting MM zeta on Vader.
Finish level 85 of Hux and Sith Trooper to replace in FO team of FOE and FOS. Secondarily improve that team once ready

Secondary plans:
Build a team of Jedi: Lead Ballista, Obi Wan, Ezra, Kenan and Bindo initially but will look to replace Kenan and Ezra with Grand Master Yoda and Genral Kenobi.
Build a team of Genosian
Continue to enhance Bounty hunter team which is weak at moment

Other ideas:
Should I consider focusing on Empire for a while and ignoring lower priorities or do some of that in parallel.
Considering other teams such as Darth Raven team, team to get Luke skywalker or Rey or even Padme or maybe others?

Anyway, love thoughts and ideas for I guess I am moving from early game to early middle game as I have reached 85 and done with Phoenix forever!!


  • The Bastila/Yoda Jedi team will pretty much destroy anything else you have.
    And Geo's can smoke Bastila.
    So your direction is fine if you ask me.

    As much as you say Done w/ Phoenix, I still ended up taking Ezra & even Kanan up to G11 to help w/ the Jedi Team & for their Ship abilities since they both boost the damage of the special attacks.

    Are you in a guild that can get you serious G12 gear for G12 & Relics?
    If so then I'd work your FO for SLKR.
    If you not, then Padme is probably your best bet for a top tier team that will lead to others.
  • I am in an active guild and do have long term plans to go fro SLKR. I am unclear if they are doing what I need for G12 gear and relics. We seem to rotate between the three on heroic. We do not do the second one though, is that one necessary for what you talk about? There are only a few hard hitters in the clan most are below 85 but all active.

    So, I like thhe plan of getting Bastilla team and Geo team and then look to add JKR to that Bastilla team.

    After I get all that done then I will start building towards SLKR. There is just so much that has to go into that I feel like it is daunting. But by then I should have a nice set of teams, FO, Empire, Phoenix, Jedi, Geo and probably some lesser teams.
  • If by second one you mean Challenge Rancor, then you're fine as long as you're doing the other three on heroic a couple of times per week each. Challenge Rancor is more of an end-game Guild milestone, required for Relic 8, not for G12.
  • Yep that one, the others we run as soon as able so around twice a week each. Han I got and still waiting on General Kenobi but the gear is the biggest benefit I think.
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