Lost account problem.

After Hotfix, my SWGoH account had progress problem. I got help and they gave me the link. I followed exactly what was written and when I entered the game, a window appeared. There were two options, "New game/Continue". I clicked continue and the new game started from zero.
I created a ticket again and got live help. He told me to advance the new game and when I got to the main screen, create a new ticket from the in-game help tab in the settings and connect to the live chat.
I did exactly as instructed but live chat was turned off. I explained the situation via e-mail and asked for help.
I couldn't get help for 10 days. They just told me to log in with the correct Google account.
On the 15th day, they closed all my tickets without giving me any explanation.
I even said if there is a security concern, I can forward my payment lists to you and we will fix it. I still didn't get an answer
Now that I have nothing left to do, I contacted Google and researched how to get my money back. They gave me an e-mail about EA mobile and I contacted them today. The only response they gave me was "ask for help from customer service"
I thought they were making fun of me. Because I tried all those channels and I didn't get any help or explanation. I spent about 8k on this game. I acted in accordance with all contract terms of the game. I can't get help, I can't get an answer, I can't get my money back. I can't access my account because of a bug in the game, I'm not guilty.
This is not my first EA game. I've been playing your games for years, but this is the first time I've encountered such a situation. When did you start leaving your customers uninterested and unhelpful?
A game company worth 10 billion should be ashamed of this incident.
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