Commander Ahsoka Tano Conquest Shard Rotation

Hi Holotable Heroes,

As Conquest 7 - and by extension the arrival of Maul on the Holotables - draws nearer, it’s time for us to remind you the current Conquest unit, Commander Ahsoka Tano, will experience a change to her Conquest shard availability.

This will be similar to how the Razor Crest rotated to make room for Commander Ahsoka Tano, detailed here.

Commander Ahsoka Tano shards will still be available via Conquest, with the following changes:
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano will remain in the End of Event rewards but will see the amount awarded in prize boxes reduced.
  • The amount of Conquest Currency needed to purchase Commander Ahsoka Tano shards will be reduced.
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano shards will appear more frequently at Normal Merchants (Wandering Scavenger).
  • Crystal purchases for Razor Crest and CAT were added to the Wandering Scavenger so players who are conserving Conquest Currency have a way of catching up.
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