PVE/Ship Battles

Why is PVE in this game SOOOOO hard? Idk what im doing so wrong, but i dont stand a chance with fleet battles lvl 5 normal. Im using the ships of my best characters since leveling/gearing them takes months =/... Idk, Im starting to just want to quit this game again... If it wasnt Star Wars I would have never thought about playing this game


  • I’ve had similar experiences with the ship PVE battles and as a matter of fact it happened to me today. I easily got 3* on Hard nodes 4a,b,c and then got absolutely demolished on 4d. I think the PVE content is unbelievably RNG reliant because I tried the same level later and cleared it easily.
    I know it’s frustrating but don’t give up.
  • crzydroid
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    Do you have Hound's Tooth?
  • What ships are you using? I used geo ships with the capital ship as Home 1 or Chimera.
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