TW/GAC Counters: How To Counter Padme - 12 Padme Counters To Crush Padme Walls!

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Welcome back to the long-awaited third episode of TW/GAC Counters featuring 12 amazing counters for Padme teams, or as their otherwise known as Padme Galactic Republic Squads. Join me today as we look at how to counter Padme with 12 Amazing teams, primarily for TW or your own personal GAC matches. This video does not include the likes of GLs (bar 1 exception) as this would be a massive waste for such strong teams. Please be sure to subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends and guilds so you can all conquer these common teams even quicker than you already do! Thanks for watching everyone and have fun destroying Padme walls after the video! You won't need to look elsewhere for a Padme counter!
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