Content Update: 08/18/2021

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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s update brings a few minor fixes to Galaxy of Heroes. One fix addresses the PvE version of Slave I. Even though the issue will be fixed with this update, we had our analytics team pull data to ensure the issue did not have any adverse effects on player win-rates in Territory Battles or Fleet Battle nodes. On a somewhat related note, analytics also found the touchups to Slave I’s kit do not affect player win rates when they battle against Slave I in PvE encounters.

You can find more details below.

Return of Relic Resources

Relic resources related to the upcoming character changes have been returned to the affected players’ inboxes. For more info, go here.

  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue with the new Journey Guide Tutorial which was disabled with a hotfix last week. The result is that players who do not own a 7-star Emperor Palpatine will be required to complete the Tutorial again, after which they can select a different character to Begin or Continue Journey.
  • UNIT - Updated Jedi Master Kenobi's "May The Force Be With You" Unique description to properly match functionality (it copies positive Mastery values only. Not negative Mastery values).
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Jedi Master Kenobi's Unique "May The Force Be With You" in which Light Side allies other than JMK were dispelling debuffs from other Light Side allies with targeted abilities.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue with the PvE version of Slave I that was not properly applying the cooldown for Seismic Charge ability.
  • UNIT - Updated Hunter’s "Finish What We Started" ability description from “Swaps Turn Meter with target other Clone Trooper ally" to “Hunter swaps Turn Meter with target other Clone Trooper ally."
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue with the Galactic Challenge feat "Bring Balance" to ensure it functions as described. The feat can now only be completed if you finish the battle with at least one of both dark side and light side allies alive.

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.
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