keycard battles -- energy warning needed

I just unlocked the Training Droid Hunts in Keycard Battles. From the info provided (tapping on the "i" icon), I didn't know what to expect when using a keycard. When it said I would have an hour to play or complete the mission(s), I assumed that meant the key alone would provide full access. Instead, after spending my key, the mission demands 50 regular energy points!

Because there was no warning about that energy requirement (which is unnecessary at the Events and Challenges, Cantina, and Galactic War tables, so completely unexpected), my first keycard was wasted.

Even if I had the 50 energy available now, and even if the rewards are great, do you really want the player to spend half his energy at once and so spend less time playing the game?


  • Otar
    252 posts Member
    Don't worry about keys, they just vanish everyday if you don't use them... So, no loss there...
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