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Would Boba fett, cad bane, dengar, aurra sing and either Mando or ig88 be a viable team to finish the chewbacca journey? Right now my bounty hunter team is pretty much non existent, and those seem the easiest to farm. Mando less than the others, but mine is already 5 stars. I have enough shards to activate cad at 7 stars. Thanks.


  • I'm about 99% f2p btw, so that's why I'm trying to go bare minimum on this.
  • Nihion
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    You’re most likely going to need Bossk
  • Do you have an overall farming path in mind right now? That kinda matters, like, a lot.
  • I was worried about that with bossk.

    Boba and cad are already set with shards, with ig88 I have 104 shards, just not activated and I hoard squad arena credits, so he should be easy. I can spend all my cantina tries on aurra. Dengar always seems to be in my guild store, that's why I mentioned him. Mando is always in shipments and I have him at 5 stars. I suppose I could sub out dengar for bossk, would take longer, but if he's needed, that's fine. I save my crystals for when there's one specific thing I need them for. So, Boba, ig88, and aurra would just be a matter of a couple weeks of spending all my stuff on them at the same time. Cad is just a matter of activating at 7 star. Mando would be the outlier since I would need to spend crystals outside of the 5 tries a day. Bossk of course the toughest, I would need to use crystals outside of his 20 points per try. Would Boba, ig88, aurra, cad and bossk be a reasonable option given what I have?
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    I would switch aurra for jango. He's way better and the hounds tooth, which is on the same node, is probably the best ship investment early on. Yes it would take longer but its a good choice imo.
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    Bossk makes the event much easier. Dengar makes it possible. I honestly think Dengar is more mandatory than Bossk. I know several people, myself included, that completed the event without Bossk, (it took about 150 tries, but I managed it). I don't know anyone who completed it without Dengar. Not saying it's impossible, but he prevents R2 from stealthing your preferred targets. This is very important.
  • I did it without dengar
  • Aurra is definitely a second BH team toon. She's great for leading mando for getting his contact off, and if your new to raids, but there are much better BHs for your first team. Plus she is a cantina farm, which halts whatever else you are doing with that energy.

    If you don't want Bossk, then greef is an option for keeping the team alive. But Bossk and Jango are a really solid core to any BH team, plus you get hounds tooth.

    Dengar is the only one off your list that should be a lock in. Don't swap him out. He's also great on a Bossk team, as he gives a heap of healing.
  • Thanks for the input buds. So, bossk and dengar are optional, but recommended if I want an easier time... I'm looking at Boba, cad, dengar, Jango, and bossk to complete the event easiest?
  • Oh, and Jango as lead for this event?
  • iWuzRunnin wrote: »
    Oh, and Jango as lead for this event?

    Bossk lead zeta, Jango, Boba, Dengar, Cad/Mando
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