Content Update: 08/26/2021


Hi Holotable Heroes,

In addition to the third and final set of Lord Vader requirements, today’s update contains Conquest 7, Maul, a character shard acceleration, some news about double drops, simmable Assault Battles, a few issues are fixed, and more!

In addition to the below updates and known issues, the September Event Calendar has been posted to the Forums here.

Note the daily login character for September is Clone Sergeant's ARC-170.


Character Changes
Last week marked the return of Relic materials for the characters who will be experiencing a kit change. This week the actual changes go into effect. For more information, go here.

Lord Vader and Double Drops
In celebration of the newly announced Galactic Legend Lord Vader, all Fleet and Cantina battles are rewarding double drops on August 28th and August 29th! The third and final set of Lord Vader requirements can be found here.

Assault Battles
Assault Battles are now simmable after achieving 3-stars.

Conquest 7
Conquest 7 is ready to go and Maul is the newest Conquest unlock! Find more information about Maul and how to add him to your roster, check out the Characters and Ships section below. Also, Mods and Mod Slicing materials have been increased, and Carbonite Circuit Boards have been added to Conquest rewards.

"A Distant Echo" Pack Shards
Players who purchased the “A Distant Echo” pack prior to the bug fix addressing pack probabilities should be receiving 10 shards of each Echo for each pack purchased.

Executor Update
The following changes were made to Executor:
  • Crew Ability "Vader's Bounty" will stipulate at max rank (level 8) that Tank allies will take 50% reduced damage from out-of-turn attacks.
  • Special Ability 1 "Breach of Protocols" will now call all Bounty Hunter allies to assist. From level 1-6 of the ability, Bounty Hunter allies will deal -25% damage when they assist. At level 7 of the ability, the damage penalty will be removed and Bounty Hunter allies will assist at full damage. At max level of the ability (level 8 ) the ability will dispel all Tenacity Up from enemies, Bounty Hunter allies will deal +10% damage; if the enemy is Breached, Bounty Hunter allies will deal +25% damage instead.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:

  • Admiral Piett has been added to the list of Accelerated Characters. This increases his Shard Supply and adjusts his Shard Shop conversion rate to match. See this Shard Economy post on our forums for more details.

  • UNIT - Clarified Zam Wesell’s “Having a Blast” ability description at level 5 to state "Thermal Detonators" instead of “bombs.”
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Jedi Master Kenobi’s leader ability not gaining Critical Immunity with the "Entrenched" Data Disk in Conquest.
  • UNIT - Units defeated by Commander Ahsoka Tano's Special "Force Leap," which are then revived during Galactic Legend Rey's Ultimate, no longer retain damage reduction upon completion of the Ultimate.
  • UNIT - Fixed an issue in which units defeated by Jango Fett and should not be revived can no longer be revived (mainly applies to B1).
  • UNIT - Fixed issue with Slave I’s reinforcement AI.
  • EVENT - The Volatile Energies modifier now applies to Summoned Units.
  • EVENT - Examined and tuned balance issues related to events containing characters experiencing a kit change to ensure those events remain at their current intended level of difficulty.

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.

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