Naboo of The Republic is Recruiting

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Who we are:

NABOOM of The Republic
One of the oldest guilds in The Republic, we have existed since the start of the game and the majority of our leadership has been playing together since The Republic started.
We are a competitive but laid back guild mostly full of working adults with families. We get that Real Life comes first and occasionally attacks.

Raid times:
Cpit at 7 PM Central (UTC+5)
HSith at 8 PM Central (UTC+5)
Cpit on Farm
32 Stars DS Geo
25 Stars LS Geo
27 KAM shards and climbing
In-guild streaming available and encouraged
TW semi-focused: Join if you want, participate fully if you do.
LSGeo is the guild’s primary focus at the moment and we expect that to be your roster’s focus as well.

Who you are:
Get your 600 done daily
Top 50 in arenas
Full participation in TB
KAM ready (r5+) and willing to stream
45+ waves in LSGeo
TW not mandatory, but if you join, participation on defense and offense is required.
2 LS GLs preferred
JKL and CAT preferred
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