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The failure to achieve 3 stars in the first TB ship zone, if your guild got to that zone, will get 400 GET, 500 GET2 and 500 crystals.

I for one am very pleased with this. We are a guild there. I made a post about it in guild events. But this has gone a long way to paying back and my whole guild are very happy with that.

So thank you.


  • Just out of curiosity, how many stars did your guild finish with?
  • 21
  • Really sucks for the one that’s did actually manage 3 stars. The folks that were smart enough to hold out actually gained comp. especially the 500 crystals. The GET2 is pretty awesome since there are no special fleet missions at all in DSTB. Congrats to those that sandbagged! Another win for you guys!
  • @CG_Doja_Fett_MINI can CG explain what happens when a guild 2 stars this? Are they still getting that level reward - so in effect more than they would have if they got 3 stars?

    Can you maybe comment on why you did nothing when your mechanics screwed us over on the KAM mission?

    Don't get me wrong. You should be compensating players/guilds, but where's the consistency?
  • Crayons wrote: »

    How many crystals is 21? 450? 400?
  • JoeSolo wrote: »
    Crayons wrote: »

    How many crystals is 21? 450? 400?

    600. So they got 1100 crystals, but probably didn't get a better loot box

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