Hotfix: 08/30/2021

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today's update removes the Conquest 7 event after several issues were identified. Doing so will allow us to fix the issues and deliver a smoother Conquest experience in the near future. For more information, see the related forum post here.

Please note, crystals spent on energy and anything spent on consumables will be returned.

See below for a list of other known issues.


[*] EVENT - Several data discs that have un-resistible effects that are missing the un-resistible tag in gamedata
[*] EVENT - The "Bring Balance" feat isn't counting correctly all battles
[*] EVENT - Hard nodes only award 10 Conquest credits instead of 20 Conquest Credits
[*] EVENT - Razor Crest was missing from Conquest Shipments and was list on the Wandering Scavenger for Crystals instead
[*] EVENT - Some Feats are not tracking completions properly

General Known Issues can be found on the Development Tracker here.

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