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Hello, does anyone know how to get in touch with an arena shard chat. I just broke the top 50 of mine and I plan on staying there as long as possible lol.
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  • nottenst
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    Try to see if you know any of the players in the top 20 through another chat or something. If so, try to find out about the chat. If not, message one in game and see what the story is. Be warned, though. Many arena chats do not let new people in until they can consistently be in the top 10 or better.
  • No need to reach out until you can crack the top 20 IMO.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
  • Kyno
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    Reaching out is a good thing. It cant hurt.

    On top of just trying to message them, you should look at their guild and try to find a recruiter to reach out to them. Its usually an open line of communication through recruiting, as they are always on the look out.
  • Thanks for the tips. I will start reaching out when I get a little higher up!
  • Best way to get top now is 6 dot mods and the new capital ship. It will blow through most players in game. Lol, I went from 150 to top 10
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