Concept idea: Red Five

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Pilots: CLS/JKLS and R2D2
  • This Ship gains unique buff during battle: 'Feel The Force', While with this buff, Red5's damage output is not effected by abilities of other ships. [For example, if ability states 'while assisting, damage is reduced/increased by 30%', red5 won't be effected by this increase/decrease and deal damage that is based on his own buffs/debuffs, unique]
  • Also, while with 'Feel the Force', red5 is immune to target lock and can't be critically hit, offense is doubled.
  • Red5 is granted with 'Feel the Force' at the start of a battle, when he uses his special and the first time he loses protection.
  • Each time this ship loses 'feel the force' All rebel ships gain tenacity up and foresight, also, x-wing ships gain evasion up
  • basic: deal damage. if target suffers from TL, inflict buff immunity which can't be resisted. On a critical hit - call rebel ally to assist. If assisted ally is x-wing deal 50% more damage
  • special: gain 'Feel The force' and bonus turn. All allies are granted with Advantage. inflict Target Lock on target enemy which can't be resisted.
  • special2: Dispell all debuffs from all x-wing allies and grant them advantage, offense up, Crit Dmg up. Then call them to assist and inflict Daze on all TL enemies. For each defeated x-wing ally during the battle, red5's damage doubles. [it has big cooldown]
  • crew: all allies gain bonus TM, x-wing allies gain evasion up, tenacity up and potency up. red5 gain 'Feel The Force' also
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