Arena matchmaking question

Do they only look at GP when matching up teams in Grand Arena? Do they also take into consideration amount of relics and amount of GLs? I'm at 3.4 GP with 9 variously relicked toons, nowhere close to unlocking a GL. Typically, matchmaking has been solid. But, out of nowhere, in this final round of arena, I'm facing teams with 2x/3x the amount of relicked toons, and most of the opponents in my grouping have SLKRs (in some cases, relic 8). This has never happened before and I've been around the same GP for the last few arenas, so I assumed they did not match up GL players w/non GL players. But I guess it only goes by GP?


  • Xcien
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    I believe it just goes by GP, so depending on your roster choices, you may end up matched against opponents with GLs even though you don’t.

    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
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    It is gp of the amount of needed toons for the gac. So number of defensive squads times two, so you have one team to place and one team to attack.

    Depends on what division you are in and if it's 3v3 ir 5v5 for exactly how many toons gp is used for the match making.
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