Mods for Vader post-nerf

Historically I've had a crit change, crit damage and offence as secondaries. Now that Vader's damage has been nerfed to the ground, I'm wondering if potency may be the way to go to try and stick ability block.

Anyone else changed mods since the nerf bat was wielded?


  • I've always been a bit of an outlier in this; I've been running potency mods on Vader forever. Not just ability block but getting those DOTS to stick. Of course, I built a DOT team around Vader's lead at one point, so I might be biased... :)
  • Almost not worth modding him at this point. Just some gold mods to keep the Tie Advance relevant. Sad to see how bad he has become.
  • He's still incredibly useful if you are light side heavy for Conquest. Speed offense potency, only like 10 CC needed to be added if that. If you dont have much in the way of Sith then Vader is still likely going to be your Conquest Sith team.
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