JML interaction with DN

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I was running JML/JKL/JKR/GMY/Jolee towards the end of Phase 1 fully expecting to finish the phase and roll into Phase 2 as I've done before with similar squads.

JML has his Ultimate activated. DN is enraged but has less than 1% health left. JML can't touch DN. Efflux does nothing to him. They Grow Beyond puts on no debuffs. Has something changed? Or is there something that I don't remember about the enraged state?


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    I wish I took a screensnap, but maybe somehow Jedi Legacy might have been removed from my supporting toons? That would have reduced JML's Efflux power and would of course be a bug.
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    Were you hitting him with basics with defense down and giving him bonus protection?
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    There may have been some slight bonus protection increase, but there was hardly anything there. I doubt it was even as much as the health bar.

    It was just behaving completely differently than I've ever seen at this point in the battle.
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    Sounds bugged imo
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