Conquest disk changes

Can we get some patch notes list of all disks that were added, removed and changed?

My guildmate came across a purple called Deadly Catalyst and at first glance I thought the devs just renamed Deadly Momentum for no reason whatsoever, but then I took a look at a screenshot of the old Deadly Momentum and they're not quite the same.

The following line of text was removed: "Data Disk effects that trigger when enemies fall below 100% health also trigger at 70% and 40% health."

This was known to synergize phenomenally with the Ruthless Disks (the ones that give turn meter, offense or apply armor shred when enemies fall below 100% health). So the only way I can look at this is that this additional capability was removed to lessen the synergy of Deadly Momentum Catalyst with Ruthless Disk effects.

Mahybe it was just an oversight that we didn't get a full list of disk changes, but I gotta say, based on what CG's priorities clearly are, I must assume this was a stealth change to take away yet another useful tool from players, which is just... ugh.

So, can we get a patch notes post with all disk changes?


  • I second this, there is no reason for players to not know in advance what possible disks are out there. This would inform their strategies in which disks they want to go after.
  • So I guess this will not be happening. Instead we get more nerfs.
  • I pray see will get nerfed, he's way to good!
  • Ripperpa wrote: »
    I pray see will get nerfed, he's way to good!

    SEE is still able to beat some GLs, and this is obviously not WAI.
  • At this point I'm almost expecting a character to be released call the "Nerf Herder". He'd be our first GL requiring all R9 characters to unlock and would be the most OP character in the game for all time. R10 releasing? Guess what? Nerf Herder locks again until you gear those previous characters to R10. 😂
  • Yep, it's a flat-out nerf. They spin these changes as "we can't wait for players to discover all the cool new disks on their own!" but it's pretty obvious what's going on.

    It's still an okay disk, but it's not going to stop your squad from getting run over by 600-800 speed teams while you try to do a battle with a trash-tier squad 38 times for 5 feat points.
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