Lightside 4L

Ok...someone must have a strategy for this level. I'm running a 6500+ lightside team and am getting served by the 2nd round. I have witnessed getting bombed 3x in a row by a single enemy without any of mine even attacking save a counterattack. Multiply that by 5 enemies and...yeah...mass AOE =death.

Is this bugged or am I missing something? Have run 3 healers (counting Ackbar) and still get rolled.


  • You need Old Ben to nerf them all so they can't mass bomb you. Also, Grand Moff Tarkin can nerf their damage output. Combine those two with some healers and you should be ok. I haven't been able to rent either from my allies yet, so I can't say I've beaten it yet.
  • Oniguumo
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    old ben + clone trooper phase 1 + 2 healers + tank + stronger attacker

    Me: Borrow old ben, Clone Trooper, Jedi Consular, Aayla Secura, Chewy, Ima-Gun Di

    I realize I have two tanks but Ima as leader has some nasty counter sengery with 4 jedi's. the Clones' aoe atk reduces the turn meter of the clones and it helps with Ben's special. worked well for me when Chewy took the agro.
  • I'm stuck here too. All charters lvl 39 lvl 4 equipment. But my whole team is dead in round one or before a turn in round 2. I tried using Ben, no luck. I don't have the charters to block the bombs or defense up or offense down.
  • Kaat
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    I found ima gun di very useful for this stage. He gives def up for 2 turns and jedi chance to counter. I borrowed him and my lightside team is barriss, consular, ahsoka, chewie, and jawa. On top of extra dmg from counters, barriss has chance to heal everyone and Ahsoka has chance to self heal. Actually ran it without jawa to 3 star it, as I could not keep him alive.
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