My team too powerful?

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Is it possible to have an old republic team that is to powerful to beat light path star forge? I'm seeing all the guides beat ls malak with g11-12 teams, but when I follow the same strategy with my relic 3-5 OR team, I wipe every time. If the strategy is to avoid doing damage until the right time, is it possible to be unable to complete the event if your characters do to much damage per hit? Should I follow a different strategy than avoiding malak to get armor shred on him? Does his hp and damage scale up with my team?

They also say save your cooldowns get him to 30-40% when he's yellow so his Drain Life ability won't put him above 50%, but one Drain life boosts his health from anywhere under 50% to 100% nearly every time. If that's the case, I don't see how removing any amount of health will prevent him from getting above 50% after his Drain Life
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    I just understood your problem so re-editing my response.
    If you're having difficulty clearing the event because of high relics I suggest remodding your toons. The guides on Youtube are based on G11-12 so that means when you relic them some of the conditions and factors that used to apply are not applicable anymore. I would suggest to keep doing trial and error until you get the strategy right. Mix it up a bit but I suggest clearing allowing malak to get the crit damage immunity buff rather than clearing up the tenacity buff first so that your toons won't get feared.

    This is the first time tbh I've heard that relicing toons beyond their recommended gear to clear an event made it more difficult to finish the said event.

    All the best on the event!
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    I'm not sure if it's related or not, but I made a ticket saying I didn't think the game mechanic was working the way it was intended, I got a reply with a few omegas and an apology, then was able to beat it 3 stars first try after they replied back. So either it was a hotfix or rng magic, I dunno. I should run it again to see if I get the same effect.
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