Nightsister, Geonosian, and Bastilla counters

Hi, this is my first post, so if it's in the wrong place please let me know!
I'm level 85, but I'm a freemium player who played solo for most of my career. I just recently got back in the game and started branching out, joining guilds, and actually trying to accomplish things. I'm working on getting 50 Galactic War finishes. I only need 14 more, but I keep getting blocked by one of the following squads: Nightsister, Geonosian, or Bastilla + GMY. Whenever I look at the forum to see counters against these squads, they usually only suggest Traya, who I'm not even close to obtaining. Any advice on how to counter these squads with my current roster?


  • Vader can solo bugs, but inconsistently now, and he needs zetas. Toss in EP/other Sith/Empire to ease it up.
    Bastila/GMY just needs DPS and buff dispels. Take the heavy hitters. Alternatively, CLS.
    For NS, I'm unsure. Maybe start work on Troopers. Veers, Starck, Piett, and the like.
  • Xcien
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    I’ve used EP lead and Vader with his MM zeta to defeat all three of those teams.

    For Geos, strike them with Vader’s AoE, then cut through them with MM, which should severely weaken them. The same should work for Bastila Jedi as well.

    As for NS, I’m unsure of a reliable counter for them.
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    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback has been noted.
  • For NS you can use imperial troopers, Bounty hunters or geos
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