Character/Ship Splash Artwork

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Hey CG,

My apologies if this has been asked/answered previously, but just in case I'd like to ask again...

Recently with the Maul release you guys uploaded two versions of the Maul graphic, one with the additional text and the other without...

Do you think this is something you would/could do for the other character/ship splash graphics and make them available perhaps in this section for content creators to leverage?

I know we get lots of useful graphic content through the datamines from SWGoH Events, however the one thing we don't get are the graphics similar to the ones you published for Maul.

The text isn't super difficult to remove with something like Photoshop, however the quality of the results vary and it would help us make better looking YT thumbs/etc. if we had your original versions to work with.

I appreciate you taking the time to read and look forward to the conversation!




  • I'm gonna second this. Some of the artwork put out is gorgeous. I've had the Darth Revan with the light blue background as my phone background ever since that art was put out. A locked thread of the arts on this forum would be a really good place to store them.
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