LS Geo TB more difficult?

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With the recent nerfs, I definitely saw a reduction in GAS's offensive output. Noticing fewer waves completed so far this TB. Anyone else noticing a reduction in their successes? My guild had hoped to increase our star total this TB to 29 or even 30; our GP and rosters have improved demonstrably since last go-round, and, so far, our numbers are down.


  • It took JKL FOREVER to clear the node. and that was with JMK in his team. I think I'm abandoning JKL having his own team and instead sticking him with JML. I'll just use GR Jedi with JMK lead for my other jedi team.
  • vincentlondon
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    JKL lead team hits like a wet noddle now. Better put him in JML team now
  • Davie96
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    I got super lucky this TB so far. I used JMK (r8), GAS (r8), Aayla (r4), KAM (r4), and Shaak (r7). I found the fight to be very close, but lucked out and got 4/4. Aayla and KAM both nearly died in separate waves. I do not recommend this team! Lol. Higher relic levels would definitely help, but GAS hit like a wet noodle, and JMK was missing constantly.

    I use JMLS, JKL, Hoda, JKR, and Jolee, and that was a super comfortable fight - 4/4. I didn't notice much difference with JKL in this team.
  • Players getting fewer rewards because of nerfs to high investment characters?

    If it's anything like the conquest changes, WAI in CG's eyes.
  • crzydroid
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    I got all waves in p1 plus special mission for the first time this go around.

    I play casually so I've been doing DS for a while and haven't had the opportunity to run a GAS team before, but I went 4/4 and that was with 3 GL clones. So I can't compare if it's harder than before but it's still workable.

    JKL took a while but I'm used to that as it would usually just be him and Hoda for three waves anyway.
  • I was able to complete 4 waves with JKL, but boy it took a looooooong time, everyone hitting for 30k instead of 80k as before. First Wat nerf ruined the DS SM, now LS TB is feeling the effects as well. I understand they wanted to nerf these characters because they were too powerful vs GLs but now all other game modes are a lot less fun as a result :(
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    I forgot about the nerfs and was wondering why JKL seemed to have more problems. JKL could not kill Kalani and so got 3/4 Phases.

    On the other hand, adding CAT to Padme mission made that so much more easier than before. Instant Droideka and Sniper Droid removal.
  • Last time was the first one with CAT in my line-up, and I was verrrry pleased to see I could finally beat the Nexu.
    This time however... It was, erm, horrendous.
    And yeah, JKL en GAS are in fact wet noodles now.
  • Wrathe
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    I had perfect waves until P3. The JKLS lead team was slower, but still got it done. JKLS/Old Ben/Aayla/Jolee/HYoda. Just made sure to move mods as always before the fight. Aayla's control helps a lot w/ keeping enemies stunned.
  • Yep, LSTB is greatly affected by the character changes to GAS and JKL.
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