LS Geo TB more difficult?

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With the recent nerfs, I definitely saw a reduction in GAS's offensive output. Noticing fewer waves completed so far this TB. Anyone else noticing a reduction in their successes? My guild had hoped to increase our star total this TB to 29 or even 30; our GP and rosters have improved demonstrably since last go-round, and, so far, our numbers are down.


  • It took JKL FOREVER to clear the node. and that was with JMK in his team. I think I'm abandoning JKL having his own team and instead sticking him with JML. I'll just use GR Jedi with JMK lead for my other jedi team.
  • vincentlondon
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    JKL lead team hits like a wet noddle now. Better put him in JML team now
  • Davie96
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    I got super lucky this TB so far. I used JMK (r8), GAS (r8), Aayla (r4), KAM (r4), and Shaak (r7). I found the fight to be very close, but lucked out and got 4/4. Aayla and KAM both nearly died in separate waves. I do not recommend this team! Lol. Higher relic levels would definitely help, but GAS hit like a wet noodle, and JMK was missing constantly.

    I use JMLS, JKL, Hoda, JKR, and Jolee, and that was a super comfortable fight - 4/4. I didn't notice much difference with JKL in this team.
  • Players getting fewer rewards because of nerfs to high investment characters?

    If it's anything like the conquest changes, WAI in CG's eyes.
  • crzydroid
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    I got all waves in p1 plus special mission for the first time this go around.

    I play casually so I've been doing DS for a while and haven't had the opportunity to run a GAS team before, but I went 4/4 and that was with 3 GL clones. So I can't compare if it's harder than before but it's still workable.

    JKL took a while but I'm used to that as it would usually just be him and Hoda for three waves anyway.
  • I was able to complete 4 waves with JKL, but boy it took a looooooong time, everyone hitting for 30k instead of 80k as before. First Wat nerf ruined the DS SM, now LS TB is feeling the effects as well. I understand they wanted to nerf these characters because they were too powerful vs GLs but now all other game modes are a lot less fun as a result :(
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    I forgot about the nerfs and was wondering why JKL seemed to have more problems. JKL could not kill Kalani and so got 3/4 Phases.

    On the other hand, adding CAT to Padme mission made that so much more easier than before. Instant Droideka and Sniper Droid removal.
  • Last time was the first one with CAT in my line-up, and I was verrrry pleased to see I could finally beat the Nexu.
    This time however... It was, erm, horrendous.
    And yeah, JKL en GAS are in fact wet noodles now.
  • Wrathe
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    I had perfect waves until P3. The JKLS lead team was slower, but still got it done. JKLS/Old Ben/Aayla/Jolee/HYoda. Just made sure to move mods as always before the fight. Aayla's control helps a lot w/ keeping enemies stunned.
  • Yep, LSTB is greatly affected by the character changes to GAS and JKL.
  • So far this TB I've got a 0% win rate in fleets and my GAS and Ahsoka just got wiped in the mission I usually get a 4/4 but once in a while get a 3/4 in.

    So, you toned down conquest sector 1 and 2 and added it to LS Geo TB CG? WTH?

    By the way, please tell me how to upgrade my Maxed out Rebel Y-wing so his Ion cannon actually works in TB?

    And yes, I've lost count of the amount of times players have said LS TB is excessive. Conquest is garbage because it's just purposeful grinding to make us not want to go for the red crate. LS TB is garbage because you pumped everything up so far that Galactic Legends get ONE SHOT by characters we have that are useless.

    I could understand keeping it at this level of excess if we were going to character level 90, but LS TB is OP garbage and there's too much reliance on RNG (Of course you at CG LOVE RNG because it makes you money and keeps players from getting rewards!)

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